Gaining Personal Insights

The practice of 360˚ feedback is well-liked for producing objective performance evaluations. You can use it to gain meaningful feedback on a variety of aspects of your work performance if you use it properly. Making the most of this technique requires that you understand what 360˚ feedback is and how it is used.

Benefits of 360˚ Feedback

  • Increasing Self Awareness

  • Encourages personal development

  • Highlights strengths as well as development areas

  • Creates positive open dialogue

  • Improves working relationships

  • Increases ownership

  • Enhances performance

Our 360˚ feedback package includes:

  • Development of surveys specific to your business

  • Collection and analysis of feedback

  • Individual Feedback Report

  • 1-2-1 with trained coach to discuss report and devise action plan for development


Tailored Packages

All our courses and training packages, including modules covered, can be bespoke to your individual or business needs.