A Trusted Partners view

Our diagnostic and dialogic services are a great place to start when an organisation wants to implement a transformative programme for leadership development, HR process restructuring, or culture transformation.

We take the time to comprehend your present leadership, management, people, and culture difficulties as part of our evidence-based strategy. We can create a thorough and detailed plan for development and transformation by gathering and evaluating as much data as we can.

These services are intended to assist executives, HR specialists, lawyers, talent management specialists, and organisational development specialists in prioritising important areas that yield returns on investment, time, money, and effort. This, in turn, enables your organisation to monitor the return on investment (ROI) of its programmes for cultural change and leadership and management over a predetermined time frame.

360° Needs Analysis

To give your key stakeholders a clear picture of the goals that are currently being pursued and the opportunities that exist for taking action, the 360° Needs Analysis delivers a distinct, data-driven analysis. According to our clients, the procedure offers several advantages for their company, such as:

Phase 1 - 90° Stakeholder Engagement

Phase 2 - 180° Normative, Quantitive & Qualitative

Phase 3 - 270° Design

Phase 4 - 360° Deployment Strategy


Tailored Packages

All our courses and training packages, including modules covered, can be bespoke to your individual or business needs.