High Turnover Leaders

Are leaders contributing to high turnover?

A study by DDI suggests that 57% of people have quit because of their boss and 37% reported that they’ve considered leaving because of their manager.

Throughout my 30-year career the most important asset I have benefitted from, is having a line manager who is a role model and someone who you respect. They offer wise words in testing moments, creating a space for rich thinking and providing opportunities to enhance your development.

Other factors do contribute to high turnover, however recently, through our cultural transformation work, we have noticed that leadership is referenced more and more by colleagues who are unhappy or leaving their roles.

The majority of line managers we come into contact with have no formal training and have moved from being excellent in their field of expertise, to now having a team to manage. It can be incredibly daunting and scary for all parties.

On the other end of the spectrum are those line managers (a small minority) who are in the wrong job or lack the emotional intelligence to lead teams. Despite their positive intent, their lack of EI is having a ripple effect on their teams, causing disruption and distrust.

The good news is there are 2 solutions to the scenarios I have listed above:

1) New to role leaders or existing leaders who need support – Please get them the training they deserve! Recruiting a new colleague takes time and money and without support, you are causing harm to both the colleague and your organisation along the way.

2) Time to lean into those more challenging conversations about the colleague’s behaviours and the impact they are having on the wider team. Being in leadership comes with responsibility and we have to make tough decisions for the good of the team.

What will enable your organisation to have a vibrant culture with a low turnover, attract talent and increase productivity?