Pillar 4 - Mediation

Mediation is fast become the go-to resolution method for workplace conflict. Our skilled mediators help conflicting parties work towards a solution and avoid the unnecessary associated costs. From assisting in individual disputes to helping shape an in-house mediation service, we are skilled at all aspects of restorative justice.

Benefits of Mediation

A variety of problems, such as relationship breakdowns, personality conflicts, communication difficulties, bullying, discrimination, or harassment, can be effectively resolved through mediation.

A single employee with a grievance, a conflict between an employee and boss, or a problem between two coworkers could be the source of the problem.

Individual differences at work might result in complaints, absenteeism, and eventually the loss of important staff members. Consequently, disagreements at work cost companies tens of thousands of pounds annually.


Positive Dialogue

1-day course. This training aims to equip participants with the knowledge, abilities, and confidence to manage conflict constructively and to support the bold dialogues that are required while managing personnel.


Accreditation in Workplace Mediation

5-day course (plus 2 hours of portfolio work). Candidates learn the necessary theories of conflict and gain the knowledge and skills required to become qualified mediators. Suitable for line managers, HR professionals or organisations looking to set up an in-house mediation service.

The 5 day CPD Verification - Accreditation in Workplace Mediation is a highly interactive, instructor-led programme that teaches participants the fundamentals of mediation, practicing their new skills and demonstrate confidence in workplace mediation. Our prestigious course has been welcomed by numerous global organisations. Developing their colleagues across a variety of roles: HR, ER & OD professionals, union and employee reps, business leaders, managers and consultants.


Tailored Packages

All our courses and training packages, including modules covered, can be bespoke to your individual or business needs.