Gaining valuable Insights

The DISC Personality System is the behavioral global language. Four main groups can be formed from behavioral features, according to research. Individuals that share a style often have particular behavioral traits associated with that style.



Decision- Makers, Direct in Communication, Risk- Takers, Competitive, Goal & Results-Oriented, Innovative, Challenges the Status Quo



Outgoing, Welcoming, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Impulsive, Persuasive, Emotional, Encourager of Others, Creative Problem Solver



Stable, Reliable, Values Safety & Security, Sympathetic to Others, Team Player, Non-Confrontational, Peacemaker, Loyal, Patient, Consistent



Accurate, Conscientious,  Systematic, Organised, Analytical, Fact-Finder, Even-Tempered, Methodical, Thorough, High-Standards

Our Certified Practitioners help organisations who want to have a better understanding of their colleagues and use this in a positive way to help drive communication and avoid personality and behavioural misunderstandings. This powerful tool is an excellent way to develop individuals and teams and create a more harmonious workplace.

The DISC system gives businesses an efficient tool to maximize the potential of their current workforce, boost output, improve collaboration and teamwork, and eventually boost profits.

Covered with the course

  • The background of DISC

  • Recognizing various personality types

  • Using the DISC profile administration

  • How to apply DISC in a coaching context

  • DISC's useful applications for coaches and organizations

  • How productive teams operate and produce outcomes

By the end of the training, participants will be able to recognise and comprehend other people’s communication styles in addition to knowing their own “preferred” communication style. They will discover how to adjust their approach to lead, inspire, and motivate others, as well as how to modify their natural communication style when necessary and suitable. Understanding DISC also makes it easier for people to create tactics to deal with people who may come across as “difficult,” as well as to understand why this could happen.

Using DISC, managers will be able to see why teams fail occasionally and know how to address it. They will also be able to modify their innate communication style to establish rapport with people more quickly, effectively, and consistently. They will gain a better understanding of how to bring out the best in others, themselves, and their team. They will also learn how to reproduce, manage, and inspire high performers to continuously grow and surpass goals.

We offer the following DISC services:

  • Individual DISC Profiles with a Certified Practitioner

  • Group DISC Profiles with a Certified Practitioner


DISC Personality Profiles

1-day course. A powerful and profoundly simple tool for understanding people which can be used to enhance collaboration, communication and productivity at work. This course can be used to help any team understand their peers better and improve teamwork.


DISC Practitioner

1-day course. Train to become a certified practitioner either to use as an in-house coaching tool or to expand your consultancy skills.


Tailored Packages

All our courses and training packages, including modules covered, can be bespoke to your individual or business needs.