Pillar 3 - Facilitation

Using facilitation as an engine for change, we drive a shift in dynamics of teams by introducing new ideas and different ways of interacting. By triggering a fresh way of thinking, we help you and your team generate new solutions to previously seemingly intractable problems.

Facilitation provides a space for each member of the group to speak up and promoting ownership and participation from all. It entails deciding on a common objective and creating a procedure to assist the group in achieving it.

Another way to define facilitation is through its approach to process and content: a facilitative approach is the development of a procedure that aids a group in ideation, discovery, and content creation. It’s important to encourage group members to discuss an issue and jointly come up with a solution rather of having one individual get on stage and instruct the group on how to fix a problem.

Facilitation - Individual or Group

Our qualified partners can assist with either individual or group facilitation. Whether it is an issue within a team or between two departments, we can help find the middle ground, improve communication and ensure co-operative working is expanded.


Positive Dialogue

1-day course. This training aims to equip participants with the knowledge, abilities, and confidence to manage conflict constructively and to support the bold dialogues that are required while managing personnel.


Positive Facilitation Skills

2 day course. Designed to help leaners improve their facilitation skills to use as an early intervention in any kind of workplace conflict. Suitable for line-managers who wish to improve their competencies or for organisations wishing to have in-house conflict resolution specialists.


Tailored Packages

All our courses and training packages, including modules covered, can be bespoke to your individual or business needs.